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Way Music is Way.Net's place for original music from Rich Rath and his various bands and projects over the years, ultimately including rreplay, Not Idaho, The Rooks, The Lemmings, The Mess, Rubberfish, This, Gypsy Red, and stuff done just as Rich Rath. Find out what's new from the blog. Subscribe to the blog or the site news if you like.  rreplay has a new album out (4/23/2015), Live from the Uncanny Valley.  Check the blog for details or the links above.  If you want to help homelessness through direct action, check out Music not Bombs' Live at Thomas Square.  Dobro, ukele, and guitars, and lots of voices, recorded live at the longest running (de)Occupy encampment in the world.  

  • Here is some stuff under my name. Lot's more at rreplay and on the waydio, above.  Download here or here or in in the waydio. Enjoy, and let me know if you like them!  

    Thomas Square Blues- 5:38

    Reworked "99 percent Blues" as an ascoustic rocker with slide guitar.  The new verses describing what has been happening since the 75+ raids (so far) on the deOccupy Honolulu encampment.  You can hear another version, Live at Thomas Square itself, here.  Dig the sirens at the intro!

    99 Percent Blues - 4:04

    I recently recorded an homage to Jimi Hendrix's "Red House," (instrumental -- not Jimi's! -- here), and decided to write some words for it related to the Occupy Movement here in Honolulu and around the world.  See the blog for the story

    The Revolution will not be on the Internet - 5:28

    Sampled modems and dialtones and guitars under words inspired by Gil Scott Heron and dub poet Mutabaruka. Part of the Artists' Use of the Word Revolution project from Alan Dunn.

    Bomb the Beach - 5:01

    . . . a page from the news, inspired by the day the Israelis bombed a Palestinian family having a picnic on the beach, killing several of them.

    (What's the matter with a little) Class War -- 2:42

    What's the matter with a little class war? Huh? (Scrubby remix)

    goto work -- 5:21

    Found sounds and processed guitars to make a swirling wordless narrative soup. Kinda ambient with a subway driving through it. "Go to Work" uses these sounds from the great Freesound Project.

    I was never really cool -- 3:58

    Still working out the lyrics on this one, but it rocks pretty good as is. Kind of like a cross between REM and exile-era Stones trying to sound like the Pixies doing a 1960s bubblegum psychedelic song.

    Breathe -- 1:30

    A short instrumental. A bunch of guitars. Soundtrack music. Scene — rainy day, urban sidewalks, neon sign in a window, hot coffee in a paper cup.

    Dronebox Tramp -- 3:18

    What happens when you put a dronebox with a tramp?

    Ambient 1-- 5:28 -- and Ambient 2 -- 5:37

    Ambient soundscape with one guitar and tape loops. Tres chill.

    © 2003-2015 Richard C. Rath (contact me)

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