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  Way Music.
The place for original music on Way Net. Rich Rath, Rubberfish, The Mess, and more. Check out the main page for tons of music, the blog for my travels and travails in the world of sound and music, and rreplay for my current project with Eric Parker. 

Bidule Wiki.
A collection of in-depth tips for using Plogue's great modular music program, Bidule.  

The Souls of Black Folk.
A musical hypertext edition, vintage 1998, of W.E.B. Du Bois's classic text, with an article and anlysis of the music.
What does Spielberg's Amistad have to do with Cuba? How are drug companies trying to clean up by using Africans as guinea pigs? What's the scoop on Afrocentrism? What happens to a "Third World" scholar's identity when it's brought home from school? What are power relations about? Ever been in a Calcutta monsoon? On the beach in Jacksonville? Dorchester? Robbed in Tangiers? What's DISS? It's Way Net's journal of things that do not fit, Dissonance.
A personal portable wiki you can download and use based on TiddlyWiki.  It is specifically geared for use by humanities scholars and incorporates some of my ideas of how hypertext should work.  

   Legacy Sites
South Asian Women for Action.
A Boston-based, progressive, non-hierarchical collective of women of South Asian descent. They are dormant right now, but there is still some pretty cool stuff on their site, especially in their newsletter, Desi-aspora.
The Omnivore News and Information Service.
RIP 1994-2009

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